Will remote controlled garage door interefere with WI-FI?

Normally, I would say no, since the frequencies of the garage door opener (315MHz) is quite different from your wireless network (2400MHz). However, I've seen all manner of innocuous devices produce harmonics and garbage that will interfere with 2.4GHz. My favorite is a cordless doorbell on 433.93MHz, that produced enough harmonic garbage to stop my BEFW11S4v4 in its tracks for a few seconds. Changing the channel on the BEFW11S4v4 solved that problem.

Incidentally, the interference would come from the hand held transitter unit (key fob), and not the receiver located in the garage. The power is so low, and the distance presumeably so far, that I really doubt you will have a problem.

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Jeff Liebermann
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I have a wireless network in my home in the UK. I am now planning to install a remote-controlled door to my integral garage which is below the bedroom housing my wireless router. Is there any risk of this interfering with my wireless network or vice versa?

TIA, Terry

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Here in the US, the radios in remote openers operate in the range of

300-400MHz, which is far away from the 2.4GHz and 5GHz where 802.11 a/b/g operates.

But, there's always a "risk" of interference between poorly designed or malfunctioning RF devices regardless of what frequencies they're operating on.

Still, probably not much.

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Bert Hyman

Thanks for your comments Bert and Jeff. I assumed there should be no problem.


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