WiFi SIP phone with WPA?

I've just ordered a BroadVoice WiFi SIP phone to try out the service, but it turns out that it only supports WEP, not WPA. A couple of questions:

Does anyone know of a WiFi SIP phone that'll support WPA?

Alternately, is there an easy way to add WEP-only WiFi to an existing WPA network, and somehow route the WEP-only stuff to the internet only (isolate it from the LAN)? I was thinking of a(nother) Linksys WAP54G, but now I'm thinking I'll need a router (WRT54G) to provide DHCP, and then put _that_ router in the DMZ of my regular firewall...

I keep thinking there ought to be something I can do with VLANs, but I haven't found any good tutorials, and I'm not yet ready to buy lots of hardware to fiddle with just to figure out if VLANs work the way I think they do...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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William P.N. Smith
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PAESYS StoneHenge WP150

(Took me only a minute to find it with Google.)

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John Navas

Thanks, looks like they are starting to become more popular. BroadVoice service worked less well than Skype in a place where broadband is heavily congested, anyone have experience with other VOIP service providers?


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William P.N. Smith

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