I am just wondering if anybody here has any experience with this?

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J&D Schnoor
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"J&D Schnoor" hath wroth:

Not me. However, I find the review rather interesting. Kinda looks like it was only a very slight improvment over the Dell internal card. In the mounting photo, it looks like the loose clamp covers up the location of the Dell internal antenna. I doubt if an antenna that small has a gain of 10.4dBi.

See conclusions on the bottom of the 2nd page of the review at:

and decide for yourself.

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Jeff Liebermann

The review is from 2006, but there still aren't any resellers? It is now mac compatible, which wasn't true in the 2006 review, although slashgear says it was designed to be mac compatible, and also works on windows ;-)

$79. That's not too bad, but it's sort of one vendor, one channel. Kind of like the signal-seeker that played here for a while, and still seems to be available from a single vendor. Maybe Ed Williams cashed out on that one.

What about the Hawking HWU8DD for $60? A name brand available from lots of retailers.

The Dlink DWA-142 is more expensive, but it's 802.11 "N". Or maybe a DLink DWL-G820. Ethernet instead of USB, $60-70.

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