Weird problem with 3COM wireless card


I have a 3Com 3CRWE154G72 wireless card. I am using windows 2000 and the latest drivers. The card was working fine, and had now started to stop connecting to networks. If you scan, ti will find networks for about 1 min, then stops finding any. It is impossible to connect to any. I get code 10 errors once the device has stopped finding networks on scanning.

I have tried driver reinstalls and reinstalling windows. No joy!

Any ideas!?

Thanks squelch41

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Make sure all power management is disabled. Scan computer for viruses and spyware.

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John Navas

Nothing on the scan. Power management for the card is disabled - no joy!

John Navas wrote:

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Just to compound this, when I boot up, if I go to device manager, there is no code 10 error on the wireless card.

Once it had stopped recognising networks (as I say, takes about a min) then the code 10 error appears on the device. wrote:

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I presume you followed the instructions, and installed the drivers BEFORE installing the card? Apparently this often causes issues.

Also there are some comments about these cars on A google search for 3CRWE154G72 code 10 error might be instructive.

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Mark McIntyre

I have followed the instructions an dodne the things in order - been burnt by that before (other devices in the past!).

I am beginning to wonder if the card has failed or if it is due to a secruity update knackering the drivers - have tried to install it onto a friends laptop that runs XP - same problem.

Tried google but all the responses are just the obvious things I have already tried.

Will look on

Thanks for your help


Mark Mc> >

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