USB WiFi locks up during uploads

I have an HP Pavilion a656x computer, VIA chipset and AMD Athlon

3000+ processor, with a dual-boot setup of Win98SE and WinXP Pro/SP2. In Win98SE it has a puzzling problem with my wireless Internet connection. I'm using an EnGenius EUB-362EXT USB WiFi adapter. My e-mail ISP is a Unix shell account that I access with the TeraTerm Pro terminal program.

In Win98SE, I connect reliably to my shell account via TeraTerm (as well as to Web sites via IE). I can download files of any size from my Unix account without a problem. But if I try to *upload* to the remote system any file bigger than about 5 KB, a few thousand bytes are transferred; then the terminal program locks up, and within a few seconds, the USB adapter's control program stops seeing any WiFi signals. The same thing happens if I try to upload such files via Windows ftp instead of TeraTerm. Rebooting is necessary to get the USB device to see WiFi signals again. I've reinstalled the EnGenius drivers for Win98SE, and have even tried reinstalling Win98SE in case there was a problem of system corruption, but the upload lockups still occur.

The same abrupt loss of signals may also occur spontaneously, usually within about 20 minutes to an hour or two after Win98SE startup.

I have an older 550 MHz Dell Optiplex computer with Win98SE and have used this same USB adapter on it, without this issue appearing. So I know that the adapter is capable of working properly in Win98SE.

If I boot to WinXP instead of Win98SE on the problem machine, and run TeraTerm under XP, I can upload files of any size without the lockup occurring. Is this a situation others here have experienced? If so, did you find any way to make uploads work correctly under Win98SE?

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Donald G. Davis
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Win98 on a new Athlon processor? Give up. If there's something you need to run "that bad" in Win98 then use a virtual machine. Or get a KVM to switch between the new machine and that ancient Dell.

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Bill Kearney

Yes, VMWare server!


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