DVI (or VGA) to Wi-Fi converter

I wonder if exists a device capable of converting a DVI video signal (or a VGA one, after digitalize it) to wi-fi frames (or ethernet frames).

I need to connect a laptop to a remote display and a device with this requisites would be terrific.

I would appreciate any information about this kind of hardware, if it exists, of course.

Kind regards.

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Àngel Catal=E
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Search for 'remote KVM ethernet' for solutions. Lantronix makes one:

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There are others.

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Bill Kearney

Certainly they exist - They tend to get used at technology shows where some vendor wants to show his application crashing on a really huge plasma screen, and in posh hotels where they want to show the in-flight movie on a 20ft screen in the pool room. Consequently they tend to be absurdly expensive - like pushing $800 for the Longview units.

"Wireless KVM" or "VGA over wireless" or somesuch might find it in the web.

Might be easier & cheaper to get a laptop with TV-out and use a $50 video-sender.

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Mark McIntyre

As I understand it, you have an analog video signal and you want to convert it to ethernet that is connected to a wireless sender?

For example at one site I have several analog cameras (the 75 ohm coax cable types) that connect to a digital video recorder that lacks an ethernet connection. I take one of the video outputs and connect it to a local monitor and the other to a video to ethernet converter. From there I can connect it to any ethernet device, including a local access point.

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Àngel Català escribió:

Thanks to everybody. I think that KVM concept is what I am looking for (or at least close to it).

I am really looking for an easy system to attach to laptops and see a slideshow, for example, on a screen on a stage, with no need at all of cable infraestructure.

Thanks and kind regards.

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Àngel Catal=E

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