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No, you cannot. There is no way of easily bonding the connection to a single IP address. Each connection would be limited to 1.5Mbit/sec. However, you can simultaneously download from two *DIFFERENT* web sites, at the same time, getting 1.5Mbits/sec from each. You just can't get 3Mbits/sec in one download. There are service providers that offer bonded connections (usually for dialup or ISDN), but that will require the cooperation of your ISP.

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Jeff Liebermann
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I would like to know if I can double my download speeds from the internet using two wireless network cards, each one connected to the internet through a different network.

I can download files using newsbin pro at about 1.5Mbs through either account but I cannot get both networks to download at the same time.

Both networks say they are connected.

Each of these networks has its own ip address.

any help would be greatly appreciated


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