Clueless - Need help adding second laptop to wireless network

Hello. I recently got Virgin broadband installed in my house and bought the Belkin G+ Mimo wireless router so my flatmate and I could use our laptops anywhere in the house. We followed the install procedures as detailed on the Easy Install Wizard program on hers and her wireless now works. I just can't figure out how to make it work on my laptop. Internet works if I plug it in directly to the modem, but I can't seem to make the wireless bits work. My laptop is an Advent K200, if that's important.

This is most likely some very basic error on my part, but I am pretty clueless about networking in general and can't seem to find anything adressing my problem on these boards. If anyone would help, I would be most grateful.

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It would help to know what operating system you are using on the machine you want to connect wirelessly. Tutorials abound on the net; google is your friend.

Try googling for something like: wireless network setup XP

(if you are using XP; replace XP with VISTA or Ubuntu or whatever OS you are running)

you should get hits on tutorials and how-to information.


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Assuming second pc is running XP SP2, and it has functioning wireless adapter, go to "wireless connection manager" whether MS's or vendors, but only one can be running, as an OS "service." Look in "system tray" lower rt., for something that looks like monitor emitting rf waves. Mouse-over it.

My experience has been that MS's is much more robust than Broadcom version of connection manager installed on my laptop originally. They call it "Wireless Zero Configuration."

Sniff out available APs by SSID. Goto desired one, and enter security info to match what you entered on first. You _did_ configure at least WEP, preferably WEP, didn't you?

Depending, you may have to change channels on AP to avoid interference.

There are lots of references out there, and even in OS help package. It's a _good_thing_ to understand what's happening summat.

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Is your laptop wireless capable? Is wireless switched on. Some laptops have a very hard to spot switch to disable wireless.

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