Terrible Globe Philippines Internet.

Corrupt Globe internet blocks your usenet and hijacks your browser.

Terrible Internet company, very unstable connection. Very slow. Multiple attempts at browser redirection w/out user input. - GBB-MAKATI-IP-POOL

Marlon Malvar-Head Admin at Globe.

111 Valero St +6327977638 snipped-for-privacy@globe.com.ph
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nunnurbiz snipped-for-privacy@YAHOO.COM wrote in news:XnsAA2B37485313Awwkkw888iaiddkj@

Globe is hacked, cannot use tor. interfering with nntp connections.

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"NSA_BLACKHATS" <NSA snipped-for-privacy@USGOV.GO wrote in news:XnsAA49B2C423264NSABADGUYY29121DVA@

Is this the guy who overseas Globe internet?

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