Quirky Wireless Connections in Hotel

I have a NetGear WG 511 PC card in my laptop and use Netgear's "Smart Wizard" software, mostly on my home network. I don't often try to use hotels' wireless connections but this past Friday evening I did, at a Comfort Inn, with mysterious results.

The network page of Smart Wizard indicated four access points (one just outside my room) with very good to excellent signals and no WEP security. I was able to connect and access the internet with all four, but with the odd result that no connection lasted for more than two or three minutes before a "no connectivity" message popped up and I lost the connection even though the strengh of the signal was undiminished. (My IP Configuration is set at DHCP.)

The hotel's one technician couldn't be reached on a Friday night. It really bothers me that I wasn't able to determine if the problem was my configuration or the Hotel's wireless system.

Has anyone else out there had a similar experience? I would very much appreciate suggestions about what might cause repeatedly "losing connectivity" after having used a connection for a short period of time even though the signal remains strong. Could that result from some specific problem with the hotel network -- or is it more likely to have resulted from the way I have the NetGear Smart Wizard configured?


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Problem may be interference with something like a cordless phone. I presume you weren't the only one having the problem. The access point perhaps should have been set to another channel.

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Tom - www.tditcorp.com

The router might be set for a two-hour lease time and then kicks you off.

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