SSL on Wireless errors

I'm seeing an error when using SSL over wireless connections. I'm using a java SSL solution, and the error being reported is "Bad Record MAC" (this is reported by java).

This only happens with large data transfers (such as loading a large image file), and only happens with the wireless connections. If I connect the same computer via wired, and run the same tests, the problem never occurs.

To complicate things further, I can't reproduce the error. It just happens at random. But reloading the data will usually work on a 2nd attempt, although sometimes it fails on 2nd or 3rd or 4th, but eventually goes thru.

In call cases, this is using Cisco 1231 Aironet WAPs, and Motion Computing M1400 tablets with Intel 2200BG wireless chip. OS is XP SP2, and the Intel driver version is whatever is the August 2004 release (8.??).

Anyone have a clue what might cause this, or if not a clue to the cause, any advice on how to try to track it down?

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