Should I upgrade from B to G or even N?

If My ADSL service is only (256K out) and (1500K in) is there any point to upgrading from a wireless B router after all Wireless B is 10,000K heck even if I had the new 6 meg net service I have seen advertised Wireless B would still be 40% faster than the fastest internet service I can get. I could see wanting faster if I moved files between computers wireless but I don't so would there be any point to me upgrading my router.

Thanks Joe

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Just Joe
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Only if the faster speeds would be helpful on the local network. It would greatly increase file transfers between local machines.

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If your Wireless B device(s) does not support WPA, WPA-PSK, or WPA2, then yes, you should upgrade to at least wireless G for security purposes. Upgrading to wireless N, IMHO, is definitely not necessary.

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Doug Jamal

I second that. In your case it would be about security, not speed. Go to G for the improved security, IF your current B system does not support WPA. A few do, most don't.

Not N.


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