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I have an Airlink wireless firewall/router that I am using only as a WAP on my LAN -- there is no connection to the WAN port, and I have another host on the LAN that serves as firewall/router/DHCP server. The Airlink works perfectly in this mode.

The Airlink router has the capability to set it's clock using NTP, and also to send me its logs via e-mail, but I have not been able to make those functions work. I suspect it is because the Airlink does not have a direct connection to "the internet", but I'm not sure of that, and I don't know how to fix it if it is.

In any case, is there some way I can get those features working?


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Does it have a model number?

Ok, you have a wireless access point or wireless bridge. No router functions.

Yep. Both services require a connection to the internet. You can possibly run an NTP server locally using a GPS clock, but that's a fairly complex project.

You can also run a local email server to receive messages from your router.

However, there may be a problem. Both services are setup to send or receive their data to/from the WAN port. They might work with servers on the LAN side, but you'll have to test it to be sure. Also, make sure that the routers NTP client can be configure to point to any NTP server, not just whatever is pre-configured in the firmware.

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Jeff Liebermann

Yep, but it shouldn't matter.


And there's the answer -- thanks.


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