HD dvd players

Any time frame when the HD dvd players will start hitting the market?

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carl wagner
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I would hold off until they get the whole Blu-Ray/HD-DVD thing figured out. Looks like Blu-Ray will win in the end, but you never know. I don't believe there will be any media for the HD-DVD until early summer.

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Jim Stokes

well one thing about HD-DVD, they just got a deal with netflix for them to start being rent through them when they become available. I think the BIG edge for the blue-ray camp will be the Pplaystation 3, because many people will buy it for the gaming, and boom, they now have a blueray DVD player, why are they going to go out and buy an HD-DVD player? pretty smart of sony if ya ask me, for one price, they get a ps3 unit in a house and also a blue ray player in the same house..

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Nick Vital

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