Seeking information about interesting trials in the world


Does anyone have information about interesting trials of connecting large communities wirelesly and mainly the conclusions or new trends?

I know in the south of US that was effected by Catrina is covered now using Wimax, but I am more looking for what people think / want / do when they are connected all the time.


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I understood the bases will be every 2-5 Km so the number of potential users is bigger OK, in Korea Samsung assume (on similar technology - Wibro) bandwidth of 2-4Mbits/sec for end users.

Also look at the attached link.

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"It is looking to use WiMAX for the last mile in a planned network to span the US and parts of Canada and Mexico"

What do you understand out of it? Is it planned to be used for TV broadcasting or return channel only?

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Wimax has serious limits. There is hype about many Km range, and many Mb/s for each user. This is just hype. Consider an area with one broadband connection every 20m, or 100000 users in a radius of 4.5Km. Yes, Wi-Max may be able to provide several users with reasonable bandwidth, but will simply fall over at a bare fraction of wired information densities.

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Ian Stirling

Return channel. At 2Mbps (not a great picture) that's 30 or so channels).

Wimax is ridiculously overhyped, in places. Total bandwidth per 'tower' is 70Mbits/sec.

As I understand it. Average per-user traffic (for most users) of a UK ADSL ISP is around

1GB/month. Call it 1KB/second. That's only 7000 users, or 140 users maxing out a 512K connection.

Of a UK ISP, it was reported that 0.3% of users maxed out their connection.

7000/333=21, so maybe 6000 users.

However, connect those 6000 users to ADSL, and you've got about 50 times the raw bandwidth.

A replacement for TV, or wired internet, no. A useful adjunct, and something mobile phone operators should be very, very scared of, yes. Mobile phone traffic at reasonable quality is maybe 4K/second.

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