Im using a gigabyte wireless PCI card based on an RT2500 chipset and Im using it within Fedora Core 2... Linux.

When the linux box is receiving, eg, FTP from my windows box to linux, Im lucky to get 12 Mbps.

The other way round is roughly double that...

But as you can imagine, Im fairly miffed by this. Even when the linux box was right next to my wireless access point, a Linksys WAP54G, speeds where never quicker than that.

I've even tweaked the settings on the access point, ie, to say it's s Shared key instead of Open, and saying its a G network only. That increased the speed from 5 Mbps to 11 Mbps.

I can't help feeling Im lacking something. But I don't know what. Perhaps a decent card?

This is the current information:

Link Quality:78/100 Signal level:-65 dBm Noise level:-203 dBm

It's using Channel 11 in the UK. Any ideas to squeeze a bit more out of this thing?

Thanks Simon

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Simon Dean
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