RepeatIT Long Range USB Outdoor Antenna

Hi I purchased one of these 'RepeatIT Long Range USB Outdoor Antenna - SU2410-USB (SU2410-USB) Reviews'

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a couple of months ago, I went from about 3 available networks (all unusable) with a normal USB dongle type adaptor to 30 plus wireless networks, of which several are excellent quality for free.

Now I am very new to all this and I would appreciate some help to understand a few things please:

  1. My antenna acts as and antenna pulling in the signal to my pc via the USB cable connection. The question - Is my antenna likely to be helping anyone else get a signal, I don't have a "network" set up, so I assume that my antenna only enables me to access the Internet - until such times I create a wireless network for my new laptop thats coming at Christmas.
  2. When we get the new laptop, I shall create a network and obviously secure it (don't want anyone else to help them self to my connection lol) The question - will I have to get a network adapter for my PC, or is the antenna going to act as an adaptor (the specification of my antenna can be accessed on the web page above) Our new laptop has a built in adapter.

I would appreciate it if some one could spare a moment to help me with my queries. Thanks

Graham Ps..... sorry if I broke any rules with the web site link

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So you're fine with stealing someone else's service, but you don't want to share yourself. Gee, what a jerk.

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