recommeded PCMCIA wireless card for rfmon

I've heard the Cisco Aironet line and Prism2-based cards support rfmon. Are there specific models or other brands that might be better than others? I'm looking to use Kisment and other similar utilities for wireless monitoring and diagnostics on a/b/g networks.

Your recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Go with an Orinoco gold card. Make sure you get a real Orinoco gold card not a relabled card that claims to be a Orinoco (The relabeled cards are all over ebay). At least the one I got was junk and wouldn't go into monitor mode, and had terrible range.

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I switched from a card "linksys 54GS " to the 54G USB cable setup. More

than double the signal strength with a bit of directional control.

Almost the same weight as the card. $59

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Cisco kid

Oops, actually, you're right, I did type that wrong -- and then was pompous about it :)

Mb vs MB

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Tom Scales

Is the Orinoco Gold just an 802.11b card?

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David Boyer

Great idea... but my old subnotebook is USB1, not USB2, so throughput speed would really suffer.

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Maybe, maybe not. USB 1.1 happens to parallel the throughput of 802.11b, but that still exceeds most people's connection to the internet.

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