Questions about Wi-Fi adapters, amplifiers, and antennae

Let's add another:

S. Generates random usernames for chat rooms and does not allow users to choose their names =96 this measure prevent impersonation of real people. These random usernames consist of random characters.

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It would be helpful if you spelled my name correctly.

Give up. Nobody is going to pay for dialup access at dialup speeds. Everything else is window dressing. Most of your ideas sound like unenforceable micromanagment, irrelevant drive, or science fiction, none of which is going to fly.

The basic problem with any internet cafe is making money. I have several as clients. Most such places cannot sell enough overpriced coffee and munchies to make a profit. In order to be profitable, they have to either charge by the minute, or have a high turnover on the tables. Laptop and computah users in general are table hogs, and will monopolize a table for hours, while buying the absolute minimum required. Even systems that offer "one hour internet for an $$$ purchase" will fail as the coffee shop is usually not setup to enforce their own rules. One of my clients shuts down the Wi-Fi when the place gets crowded to clear out the table hogs.

However, I can see why you like the idea of the carpeting climbing up the walls. It kinda suggests a padded cell or drunk tank.

Now, go away. I have a terabyte of data to recover off a slowly dying disk drive for $$$$.

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Jeff Liebermann

There is that. BTW: I am thinking, after this, about having some wristbands made up: WWJLD. How much of a royalty would you want. (grin).

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Kurt Ullman

He, that cannot spell my name (or at least cut and paste) correctly, is unworthy of my wisdom. Think of it as a filter.

100% royalties, with the proceeds donated to any 501(c)(3) organization that is more evil and greedy than me. Of course, since no such organization is possible, I'll just keep the money.

Incidentally, (I never offer advice without also throwing in some factoids to enhance the illusion of having a clue), IPASS now has

263,000 hot spots in 101 countries. About half are retail locations which include coffee shops:

Impressive, but not reflected in their stock history:

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