Question: Broadcom to Intel on HP dv8000z

Has anyone swapped out the internal Broadcom wireless card and replaced it with an Intel card in a HP DV8000z notebook? The DV8000z is the one with an AMD Turion64 cpu.

I'm having a devil of a time with the Broadcom 4318 card that comes installed in the DV8000z and Kubuntu. I can get it to work most of the time, and when it works it works well, but it's a pain to continually fix it after some small update or change.

I'd like to swap it out for an internal Intel card and be done with tweaking.

If someone has done this swap, what Intel card did you use?

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Plan9 hath wroth:

You're about to have a problem. HP, Compaq, IBM, and probably a few others have decided to limit the maker and model of wireless cards that will work in their laptops to only those that were FCC type certified. You may get a "104-Unsupported wireless network device detected" message on boot. There are quite a few articles on the topic. Fortunately, there are fixes and workarounds available:

Lots more.

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff, thanks for the reading list.  There's a lot of information here to digest and decide if I want to take the leap or not.

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