Quick answer: Check if you have a Bluetooth device installed.

Right click on "My Computah" icon and select "properties". Pick the "hardware" tab. Pick "Device Manager". Look at the list of devices under "Network". Is there a Bluetooth device listed? It will show up even if it's disabled.

If you suspect there may be a device driver or hardware detection issue, where the Device Manager shows an "Unknown Device" in the list, then download "Unknown Devices" utilies and see what they report:

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Jeff Liebermann
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Hello all. a quick question & answer I hope. I recently bought an Acer Travelmate 2200 series laptop. On the front panel there is a bluetooth indicator that blinks on initial bootup.Suggesting that bluetooth might be installed. However, when a bluetooth device is present, nothing is found. The owners manual is vague. it says bluetooth (optional) I've e mailed Acer for advice, and got nothing back. Has anyone else got such laptop and have they had the same problem.

Cheers John

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