OpEn WiFi NeTwOrKs ArE EvEryWhErE!

Allright, we alll have "HoTSpotS" near or at our homes from people who either dont know how, dont care, or dont want to secure their wireless network. And anyone with a wireless card can log in, or if settings are default will autamaticly be logged in. I didnt know I was on the wrong network for over a week.

Anyway. If you have an unsecured network, you should read this.

I was reading an article on day at "" about wardriving and realised I had never had to use a password to get on to my friends network "the one I was supposed to be on" and in this article it was talking about ip address mac address, wifi security and WEP. Also, I came across a list of default passwords for wireless routers. Now, since the connection I was on was known as "lynksys" It was very easy to get the username and password of the router to log in and change whatever I wanted, so I downloaded "airsniffer" and caught 7 other people using this poor guys network, recorded and blocked thier MAC's and showed him how to change the password in the rouder and setup WEP. And now I am on my friends network where I am supposed to be.

But I could have /changed his router password and locked him out. Not told anyone, blocked the other intruders MAC's and had free internet. Or invaded or "sniffed" his unprotected packets to gain passwords or "ETC"

If you have an unprotected network you not just "may be at risk" you ARE at risk.


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So he has WEP now?

He is still at risk. :)

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