Random Network Drops

I have a wirless/wired network with a netgear Wg614v7 wireless g router. Connected to it are two xbox 360 consoles, a desktop pc running windows xp sp2, and a laptop running vista. All are hooked up wired except for the laptop, which has absolutely no problems.

The other three experience random internet drops. These are NOT simultaneous, one might be working while the other is stuffed. It happens 3-4 times a day and is getting really annoying.

The Modem I use is a Motorola surfboard cable modem hooked up to the wouter via ethernet.

Its getting more frequent and really annoying. Can someone please help?

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Huh? *ALL* are hooked up wired execept for the laptop. Yet, you say that the "other three", which are the *WIRED* computers, are losing connectivity? Meanwhile the wireless laptop continues to work? Is this really what you're saying?

The only thing that will cause a *WIRED* computer to lose connectivity is rotten wiring or connectors. It can also be your ISP, although that would cause all computers to simulaneously lose connectivity.

It's possible that the WGR614v7 has a problem. Have up checked for the latest firmware updates?

If it's the wireless that has problems, possible sources of interference (from the FAQ):

With interference, a stronger signel might help somewhat, but is not a guaranteed fix. Usually, putting the radios (WGR614v7 or the Xbox360) in a window, where they can pickup all kinds of interference from the neighborhood, is a bad idea. Keep the radios away from the windows.

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