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The project I am working is trying to make and outdoor voice/data collection video point. I have found and am planning on using Toshiba IK-WB11ads outdoor 802.11B cameras. Their voice ranges sucks. So I end up with zoomed video and no audio. The pod will have power. The top will have 3 cameras. I need to find booster mics for the cameras and if possible small shotgun mics. The thing will have power so I need something to collect the shotgun mics and send it back wireless.

I have been looking all over - I can't find things to collect the audio only to send it out. Any Ideas

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Michael Henry
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You might look at the Axis Webcams and accessories, but I suspect that you'll need external microphones no matte what you do. I'm having great fun with my 211 Webcam, and they make an audio version of it with builtin mic and external mic jack...

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William P. N. Smith

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What do you mean by "voice range"? Is that the wireless range from the camera, frequency response of the modulator, or the audio microphone pickup range from the microphone? The camea does have an external microphone input, so it's probably the frequency response of the modulator. That should be just fine for voice, but not for hi-fi. What type of "voice range" were you expecting? It's also possible that you have a marginal wireless link that's inducing considerable jitter. With 3 radios, you're almost sure to have some RF garbage. You won't notice any frame slip or image slow down because of the frame buffering. However, the real time audio will be jerkey. Try slowing down the frame rate and do NOT use demand feed (which always uses the maximum frame thruput). Do whatever it takes to reduce the error rate.

One trick I've used to reduce errors is to crank up the sensitivity by slowing down the link. Instead of having the wireless access point run in "auto" speed, slow it down to the slowest OFDM rates of 6 or

12Mbits/sec. That will improve the response time slightly because the access point won't be juggling speeds all the time. Also, you might want to try an experiment by isolating *ONE* of the cameras in an indoor and fairly interference free environment. In other words, ideal conditions. If the microphone "audio range" is acceptable, then the problem is fixing the operating conditions, not butchering the camera.

Normally, audio is not sent seperately over 2.4Ghz. However, there's no necessity in using 2.4GHz for audio. If you're looking for a seperate box for the audio link, look into 49MHz, 170MHz, 460MHz, and

900MHz wireless microphones.
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