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Sorry to be off topic, but I thought everyone here might be able to offer some help.

Hello, I am trying to find a way to measure network speed without purchasing any special software. We are a company of about 90 PCs so my budget for software items like this is pretty much none. We are 2 separate buildings connected with a fiber cable. It seems everyone in building 2 is slower then in building 1. So I was considering going around from various locations and trying to measure the speed to try and find if I have a switch or something that is bogging down my network. The only thing I have thought of is to ping an IP of 1 main switch or something and look at the milli-seconds it takes to respond but that has never seemed to be consistent. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks.

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You might give this one a try:

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Well if you want more specific advise you need to provide more details, but I would start by figuring out what traffic is slow on the network, make sure you separate possible DNS issues from your analysis.

I would start by installing wireshark on one of the PCs and observe the traffic this should show why the problem is occurring to determine the cause you may need to go look at firewall logs or other places.

If you don't want to install any software on the PCs you might look at one of the Live CD distro's, for this type of stuff I like Backtrack

If you are using this in a corporate environment you should get approval as there are pen testing tools on the CD

Hope this helps get you started


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