Netgear WG111 disables Fast User Switching and the XP Welcome screen...

I installed the latest drivers Netgear offer for my WG111 USB wireless adaptor. Consequently now my pretty Welcome screen has disappeared and I'm left with the domain-style login box. When trying to enable it again in Control Panel/User Accounts, I get an error telling me that another program rtlgina.dll is preventing it.

After a morning of research, I've found a few articles on the Netgear user forums suggesting two methods to fix.

One involves manually editing the Winlogon section of the registry - hmm!

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The other is running some guy's exe that mucks about with your

formatting link
The forum moderator says "Somehow the install is setting RTLGina2.dll as its login DLL, rather than the default MSGINA.DLL that ships with the OS. Use of a 3rd party GINA (Graphical Identification and Authentication) will disable Fast User switching and the Welcome Screen."

Yeah - brilliant - nice one Netgear. For a piece of hardware aimed at the home user, who's going to use domains at home?!

Anyway I'm going to try the latter as a lot of other people have tried it and it's apparently worked.

I just cannot believe that Netgear do not mention it in their "Knowledge" base. This is a MAJOR bug and I would be scared to mess about with this if I was less brave with PCs.

Share your comments about this.

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"magichamster" hath wroth:

It seems to be a bad habit among driver writers these daze. Linksys also does the same thing with the WUSB54GC:

Linksys claims it's necessary to impliment LEAP authentication, which is not very secure, not commonly used, and methinks a rather dubious requirement. My guess(tm) is that the vendor and author of both the Linksys WUSB54GC and Netgear WG111 USB devices are the same.

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Jeff Liebermann

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007 09:44:08 -0800, Jeff Liebermann wrote in :

Color me very skeptical.

And probably incompetent.

Better to look for gear with decent Windows-certified drivers.

In other words: switch, don't fight.

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John Navas

Thanks, guys.

If anyone lands here looking for answers, the links I provided are good. I just tried Doug Knox's script and it's fine. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't support XP SP2 but it was ok. Yay!

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This caused me a lot of angst so now I just use the 1.3 version of the cd drivers and not the 2.0 version. I agree that Netgear have completely alienated many loyal (like myself who installs their kit for a living) and all no need to be loyal customers. When I first deduced the problem for myself and rang their support for help they acted like they knew nothing about it when it was obvious this was affecting thousands and thousands of users.

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