Trouble with D-link 5300W webcam. "failure to connect server"

Hello there.

I just got this camera for my firm and been testing it at home. I had initial problems with my ISP IP leasing times, but enabling NAT corrected it. With NAT the camera works flawlessly in LAN enviroment. But the trouble began when connecting from the internet side.

I have used Virtual Server on my ADSL modem (Telewell EA-400) to forward ports 80,5001,5002 and 5003 to cameras NAT IP. But when I access the camera from outside, the picture runs ok couple seconds, halts and after a while gives an error message "Failed to connect server". Configuration screens work ok, but the screens with Video get stuck.

Iam pretty clueless about this one, since I have forwarded all the neccesary ports for NAT and there is no hardware firewall at my home. To clarify the web cam is directly connected to my ADSL modem.

D-link support was very helpful. "Try restoring the factory defaults and configuring the camera again" :)

Sorry for the bad english, any ideas about this one?

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Hello bumtracks.

I changed port 80 --> 8080 and it now works better. Atleast outside connections get thru and video feed is normal. Still Iam having alot of unstability with this camera. It kinda jams/crashes once in a while.

Just now I had been running it for more than 4 hours and suddently it refused all LAN connections. Just had to reboot it and configure again.

This should not be normal I guess, anybody else got experience with

5300 series. Maybe its my DSL modem giving trouble but this all is guessing :/
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maybe try forwarding each individual port with its own individual rule \\ group rules sometimes don't seem to work , also moving it off 80 maybe be a good idea, especially if your isp should have issues with servers.

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