Motorola WR850G - inside connections

What exact operating system are the computahs using?

In you ignore the wireless part of the puzzle, and plug the computahs directly into the switch on the back of the router for a wired LAN connection, do you have the same problem?

Some ideas:

  1. Windoze XP firewall is blocking everything.
  2. Some other personal firewall is blocking pings (ZoneAlarm, Kerio, Norton, McAffee, Black Ice Defender, etc)

I've seen some really weird things with ping, where Windoze ICMP ping doesn't work, but Linux UDP ping does work. It's usually buggy firmware of some setting that has an undesired affect ( such as block pings from WAN).

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Jeff Liebermann
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Thanks for not bothering to disclose exactly what version of Windoze you're using. I'll assume that "the firewall" implies Windoze XP Home SP2.

Windoze ping uses ICMP which does't have a dedicated port number. I have not idea what 5318 is suppose to do. It's not on the "well known" IP ports numbers list.

Start -> Run -> Firewall.cpl Hit the exceptions tab and check the "File and Print Sharing" tab.

However, I don't think that will work. Ping should be enabled by default between machines on the same LAN and has nothing to do with File and Print Sharing. However, you'll need it enabled anyway if you're gonna move files between machines.

Start -> Run -> Firewall.cpl Hit the Advanced tab and go down to ICMP -> Settings. Make sure ICMP Echo is enabled.

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Jeff Liebermann

I've got two computers connected to a Motorola WR850G wireless router: one wired, and one wireless. Both have a DHCP address from the router. Both can get on the Internet. I cannot ping one computer from the other. Any idea why?



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Okay, yup, that was it. I disabled the firewall and it works.

What port do I need to open up for Ping? I tried opening 5813, but it didn't work.


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