Macbook Pro connection problem

My next door neighbors have a couple of desktop PC computers connected = to an=20 Apple Airport router and everything was working great until one of their =

daughters bought a Macbook Pro. When the new computer connects to the = Apple=20 router, it causes each computer to drop its connections (both PC's and = the=20 Macbook Pro).

Any ideas about this? I've suggested they reset the router but they are =

afraid to do that because they'd have to reset the wireless encryption. = I'm=20 wondering if their router firmware needs to be updated.


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Which Apple Airport router?

Which MacBook Pro?

Her MacBook Pro probably has a static IP address setup for the wireless connection, where the MacBook IP address is the same as the IP address of the Airport router. Leave the Airport alone. Have her click on the wireless connection settings on her MacBook Pro and change the IP address from static to DHCP assigned.

Apple is easy, but there are still plenty of ways to screw things up.

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