LinkSys WRT54GS realibility in an outdoor sealed box

Hi, I am going to put a LinkSys WRT54GS in an outdoor sealed box (IP56), on the roof of a building, next to the parabolic antenna.

I am a bit worried about the reliability of the AP in such environment: overheating in summer, low temperature in winter, humidity, etc.

The usual temperature range in my area is from 0 to 40 C degrees.

Someone disassembled the AP to avoid the overheating:

But I don't want to take it apart, unless that is absolutely required to run it reliably ...

What is your experience with the LinkSys WRT54GS or a similar AP in outdoor installation?

Thanks a lot.

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I installed a WRT54G in a plastic container from Rubbermade that is very roomy. Bought this at Wal-Mart. Drilled a couple of holes in the bottom for condensation drainage. So far no problems but this has not went through summer yet.

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Rick Ankrum

That sounds great, do you have any pics of the installation?


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