Linksys BEFW11S4 and WEP

Hi all

I have a problem with my Linksys BEFW11S4 and my 3 wireless clients.

when i use it without WEP encrytion all my clients work and do get an ip adress from the router.

When i activate WEP encryption , it will not provide an valid ip address for the wireless only the cards internal I have resat the router and started from scratch, i have tried to enable/disable SSID, changing WEP codes and all with no luck The router is running with firmware 1.45.10 it's a V2 router. All clients are running WIN XP Pro Sp2.

All suggestions are welcome before i go crazy and go out and buy an 3Com router

Brdgs Peter Larsen

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Peter Larsen
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The 169. IP means the computer timed out and couldn't get a DHCP IP from a DHCP server on the router. So the O/S assigned the 169 IP to the NIC. The IP will allow the machine to access other machines on the LAN but it will not allow it to access the Internet since it never got an IP from the router.

Well either the card or router is defective, which you can get a replacement for them if they are under warrantee, or there is some kind of mis-configuration issue going on with either device. Most likely the WEP key is not what you think it is suppose to be. Did you try going to Device Manager and configuring the NIC there? You don't have to use the card's utility and some don't play well with the XP O/S.

Well if you brought another router, you could have the same problem.

Duane :)

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

You did activate WEP on the clients didn't you and enter the (shared) WEP key on each.

It seems strange that all 3 clients don't connect.

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Jonathan Eales

Thanks for the tips , but no luck Have just bought an 3Com and everything is now working and i'm upgraded to WPA encryption :-)

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