Linksys WAG 54-GS Wireless worked fine for one day....

I have installed a Linksys gateway/router. (adsl) The PC's connected by wire are working fine.

But the wifi is giving me a hard time. I choosed for a WPA security setting.

  1. A Thosiba Laptop was easily connected and wireless was working fine. (almost plug & play)
  2. A second laptop (Maxdata) was harder to connect, "Acuiring network address" seems to stay forever. I do not got an IPaddress.

I aproached the Linksys, and connected the laptop by RJ45 and it was OK, the wireless & 100BaseT both went on-line.

But, now the issue: Now, after 1 day, no way anymore to connect wireless to the Linksys. NO way. (3 different laptops, not ok ) I tried many things, even switched back to "no security" , it is connected, but not getting an IP address.

I changed channels, changed from G to B to mixed

No way to get it connected.

Strange. (I can connect one laptop to an unprotected low & weak signal of the neigbour's Netgear WiFi, but not my own Linksys....)

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Just off the phone with linksys for a similar problem. from you main PC not laptop, which ever one that was, go into the wireless router config.under setup, mac address clone, click and save changes, reboot.

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