laptop / win 7 authentication problems

I have a > 1 yr. old Lenovo t520 laptop with win 7 pro. Router is dlink di-624. wep security enabled.

4 other devices in the house connect successfully on wireless. I can connect wireless sucessfully at work -- leads me to believe there's no laptop hw problem. The t520 connects according to the router logs however window 7 popup window says it couldn't connect. The IBM Access connection log says that authentication failed. I've checked the key, power cycled the laptop & router numerous times and always get the same result. In fact if I set the router to open system/ no authentication the popup Still appears -- which doesn't make any sense and leads me to believe that the problem may be Windoze 7. I'm running desktop with win7 wireless successfully also on the same router. So I'm pretty well stymied on what's gone south. Ideas / suggestions are appreciated.
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But you said you can connect at work with the notebook, so windows and/or the notebook isn't the problem. Thus I would suspect the router. For fun, you might want to turn off all the wireless clients at home, then try to connect to the router.

Generally Dlink stuff is pretty good. Have you called their tech support?

I suppose you know WEP is not considered good security these days. However, I feel for ya if you have some old devices that only do wep and you don't want to scrap them.

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