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I have a simple home system with CM - WRT54g - 2 wired clients - 1 WPC54g. Fixed IP on all 3) W2K clients and everything networks properly.

Ping from any client to client results in a time out response. Pings out through WAN work properly. Is there a setting in the WRT I've missed?

WRT has 3.03 firmware and a local IP Network DHCP is Enabled Starting IP Clients are set to to 103

3 days of Google has not helped.

Thanks for any suggestions. M2

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I do hope you know that if the machines have FW(s) on them active and you have not set the FW(s) to allow Windows networking on the required ports, there is not going to be any traffic allowed between the machines until the FW(s) are configured. If there are FW(s) active, then drop them to see if the ping works.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

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I am gald I could help. ;-)

Duane :)

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