I understand that Iu-CS is the interface in UMTS which links the RNC (Radio Network Controller) with a 3G MSC (3G Mobile Switching Centre).

But, what is the expansion/meaning for 'Iu' in 'Iu-CS' ? I searched the internet, but i did not find relevant info about it. I find info that CS is for Circuit Switch. But not for 'Iu'. Any ideas ?

Thx in advans, Karthik Balaguru

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Iu means interface in UMTS. There is no expansion for it.

In UMTS you have: IuB - Interface between the Base Stations and the RNCs IuCS (part of the Iu) - Interface between RNCs and the Core for circuit switched services (voice, video telephony) IuPS (part of Iu) - Interface between RNCs and the Core for packet switched services (data) IuR - Interfance amonst RNCs


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