Is my Access Point an Extender?

Hey Everybody,

I've been looking online and on the level1 website for a few days now, and then realized there may be a forum for questions just like mine :). So here goes:

I need a wireless extender; my house has weird edges and so my wireless router doesn't go everywhere. I don't want to wire network cables and I can't use the phone or electricity line (unfortunately, not easily available here in Israel) so I have been looking for an extender.

I think I found one, but I'm not sure. A store nearby sells the 'Level1 Wireless Access Point '

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0006), so I bought one. I decided to skim the manual online before opening (so I could return it without hassles), which is available 'here'
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(warning, PDF link).

I can't figure out for the life of me if this thing will function as an Extender or only has some weird Bridge/Univesal Repeater functionality which has nothing to do with what I need.

Does anyone with a bit more experience than me (which isn't hard) have any advice? Is this what I'm looking for? Should I open the box or return it?


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AlexeyMK hath wroth:

Read the text: "The Repeater mode operation can repeat wireless signals from AP to wireless clients thus extending the WLAN range." Also see the 3rd diagram (repeater mode) on the bottom of the page. Looks like a fairly conventional repeater, range extender, distance stretcher, or similar device. Incidentally, ALL (and I do mean ALL)

802.11 wireless is bridging.

Note that there are two hardware version (v1.x and v2.x). The web site only seems to have info on v2.x. Docs and downloads for v2.0:

I think you'll find the setup instructions in the user manual. I'm too lazy to download and read them.

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