How to get 2 Bluetooth Mice working simultaneously?


I apologize for posting to the Polish newsgroup too, but there is no English Bluetooth group! Plus, my grandfather is Polish. Krakow. And I just purchased the Decalogue on DVD. Yea!

I have a BLUETOOTH question. I have (2) bluetooth mice - Both are Logitech BT mouse-es, one is brand new, the other is their older "Bluetooth Presenter" mouse.

They both work fine, but NOT AT THE SAME TIME. I can connect each mouse to the BT basestation (receiver), but only one at a time. I just press the "connect" button on the mouse, then the "connect" button on the BT receiver, and all is well.

I'd like to get BOTH mice working AT THE SAME TIME. Is this possible? If so, how would I do this?

Thank you for nay advice! And...I can't spell this... but "Czesch"!


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Mike Sampieri
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