How do I?

Huh? Nobody reads the manuals and docs until after they get into trouble. You should tear apart your computer, tinker with the supplied drivers, ask everyone for advice, and only after making a huge mess, should you ever consider reading the instructions. After all, if the product were any good, it wouldn't need instructions.

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Jeff Liebermann
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Insert it into your computer if it is not already. Then get out your destruction manual and read-read-read.

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How do I connect my wireless network connection?

Ive got a Dell Wireless 1470 Dual Band WLAN Mini-PCI Card

Thank You!

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Sigh. I just hate it when someone acts polite. It's so unusual.

I guess that means I have to be nice.

User Guide:

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Jeff Liebermann

See now THAT is the answer that I was looking for, LOL

And from a fellow Californian too, Im in SF dude, lol.


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