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How would someone build a cheap wifi antenna to pick up more miles ? I only get 1 mile. I'd like to get 2 or 3. 10 would be nice. thanx

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Google "cantenna"

You'll find lots of information

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Charlie Hoffpauir

The range doubles for every 6dB of antenna gain. For double the range, you'll need 6dBi gain. Fout times the range is 12dBi. Eight times the range is 18dBi. Sixteen times the range requires 24dBi. Etc.

I would be interested in seeing how you get 1 mile range with an "indoor" antenna. Do you live in a tunnel?

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Jeff Liebermann

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Note the poster didn't mention speed. He might only be getting 1mbps for a mile link.

It's just too easy to buy a L-com panel if you want distance. Avoid the Airlink 101 antennas. Total crap. Good thing the one I got at Fry's didn't cost much since it was a Fry's special.

I'd do the biquad before doing the cantenna. It is hard to make a crappy loop antenna.

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We don't have a Frys here and I would not order from a company like L-Com that has heavy restocking and other bullshit terms. These horseshit vendors think that they have something that cannot be obtained other places, bunch of delusional tards who probably will be out of business soon. Never fails these stupid companies who latch on to something relatively new and then gouge people with their prices and terms. Now even 99 cent store is selling usb cables for 99cents that are on the net for $10. I'd rather make my own antenna than to deal with aholes, which is just what I did. I figure I am getting at least 12dbi from a 2dbi whip with a homemade large parabolic reflector behind it. Took some time to get it right, but cost of materials was maybe $6.

Don't waste your time building a cantenna. So many better homemade plans on the net.

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I don't know. I have good luck with L-Com. YMMV.

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