sorry but this is my problem with more details

Hi i need help.. before 2 weeks we get cs mars and i implemented him and its ok but i have some question becose i am confuse in some stuff about cs mars..

  1. when attack happening or any thing with incident i always get source and destination is ok...

  1. for now i add cisco switches and i add on switches

logging ip csmars logging trap debugging logging source-interface fastethernet0/0

snmp-server community csmarscmn RO snmp-server host (ip csmars) csmarscmn snmp-server enable traps

what i need more to add on i find that i need to add NAC but when i try eou? i dont get commands..

and finnaly what i need to add on router and switches correctly and ofcorse please ansver me on question source and destination is ok ok tnx a lot i really need this
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