Well thanks to seaweedsteve, I did get my ip address changed to the wireless router successfully (THANKS STEVE), BUT I still can't seem to get online!

I tried to access both routers in my daughters room ( & and they both were accessable. Then I tried them both on my PC in the front room and again they were both accessable.

So, here we are unable to connect via the wireless network still.

I disabled both the DHCP and the network firewalls as Steve instructed me to do. So I guess my next question is:


Please keep in mind that I need have my hand held the entire way in a DOS FOR DUMMIES STYLE as I am software illiterate! :):):):) lollol

Thanks for the help in advance!

Charles> Master's Kingdom BBS!

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It would have been best to have carried this on in the previous thread, as we can refer back to your original info.

But for now, let's keep moving.

You ARE able to get online with the router in your daughter's room, right?

OK. Let's see if your connections and front PC settings are right first.

1) You put the wireless router, with new IP address, into the front room and connect it's LAN port (important) via ethernet cable to the wired router's LAN port - which is still in Daughter's room and still connected to the internet modem, whatever it is, right?

2) You connect your front room pc to the wireless via ethernet cable to another LAN port.... and... what? Can you get online?

If not, do a settings check: Go into the TCP/IP properties for the Local area connection on the computer in your front room and check "Obtain IP address automatically" Also choose automatic for the DNS server address.

Then check if it works via cable. If it does, then try it wirelessly.

By the way, if you followed my instructions, you gave a fixed address to the computer that you used to go into the wireless router and set it up. At this time you can return that computer (daughter's room?) to automatic settings if that's the way it was before.

Not critical, but might be best for avoiding mix-ups.

I have made several assumptions, including that you have Windows XP running on your pc. If you still have problems, you may want to give a run-down again of the kind of internet you have, the pcs connecting and names and numbers of the modem and routers and type of pc, wireless adapters you want to use, etc. etc.


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Yes, it connects to BOTH routers successfully IN BOTH ROOMS when the cabled LAN wire is connected.

Nope. I had to disable the wireless connection and enable the LAN CABLE directly to the back of my PC in the living room. The wireless won't work, but the LAN DOES. Whenever I do an "obtain address automatically," the wireless"locks up" and then nothing happens for an extended time, then just shows NO CONNECTION.

When I do the VERY SAME THING to the Lan cabled connection, it acquires the ip address successfully and then connects. This is the line I can get online with, but I want to get online with the wireless one!

It works wired, but doesn't work wireless!

Yeah and all's well in her room. :)

Well those are good assumptions as they are correct! lololol


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OK. That's all good. I think you are saying that you did this, but want to make sure you have checked the settings for your wireless on the computer in question- it is seperate from the Cabled connection. So, if you haven't done that yet, then go into Network connection>wireless (whatever it's called) properties>TCP/IP and set that to automatic everything.

That's one problem to eliminate. The other two likely problems in settings are if Mac Address filtering is on or if wireless security is on. These should have been eliminated as variables when you reset that router.

You did reset it back then, before giving it a new IP address, right ?

The final setting issue that comes to mind is if the wireless is turned off on the router for some reason. Not likely from what you've said, but you can double check.

If none of those are the issue, then try a different computer wirelessly with that router, making sure, again, that it is set to get an address automatically. If a different computer can connect, then it's a problem in your specific computer/wireless adapter. If neither will connect, then it's more likely the router.

Cheers, Steve

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