freeradius 2.x + 802.1x + wpa/wwpa2 + win xp

Hi I have problem with wrt54gl v1.1, ddwrt v24 mini +freeradius (2.0.5)

  • wirelesscard wpc54g v3.1 with wxp with patch to use wpa/wpa2 I think that authentication in my radius pass correct but there is some problem with wpa mode or wpa compatibility

In my ddwrt I try mode: wpa-enterprise, wpa2-enterprise, wpa2 enterpise-mix and radius. In my wirless card a try: wpa and wpa2

below my freeradius.conf:

andy Auth-Type := Accept, User-Password == "andy"

and log from radius:

rad_check_password: Auth-Type = Accept, accepting the user Login OK: [andy] (from client wrt54g port 0 cli 00-18-F8-aa-aa-aa) Sending Access-Accept of id 4 to port 1026

my wrt54g still send to syslog:

klogd: @ = Add Host : [00:18:f8:aa:aa:aa] VID 9 LinkID 1 PortNumber 6 klogd: @ = Add Host : [00:18:f8:aa:aa:aa] VID 9 LinkID 1 PortNumber klogd: @ = Add Host : [00:18:f8:aa:aa:aa] VID 9 LinkID 1 PortNumber 6

and i never connect to network and i must still (every 30s) type login and password to authenticate When i use only wep, without radius,it's works.

I use all may ports 4xLan+1XWan in vlan0 as the switchport. I try setup radius+wep/wpa in wrv200 but the problem is the same

I have dwl900ap+ from dlink and when I use radius + wep 64bit everything works i don't have any idea thanks for any help

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