wrt54gs with freeradius

Can a linksys WRT54GS be made to do WPA / TKIP / EAP-PEAP against a freeradius server? Does anyone have firsthand experience?

I am trying to set up a system with WPA, RADIUS and EAP-PEAP. I am using freeradius for the RADIUS server and have experimented with several combinations of AP and laptop wireless cards.

With a D-Link DWL-7000AP as access point, configured to do WPA / TKIP / RADIUS and the laptop cards configured to do EAP-PEAP, everything works fine.

If I remove the D-Link and substitute a Linksys WRT54GS, association fails: The linksys sends an Access Request and freeradius responds with an Access Challenge. Then nothing happens for about ten seconds. This sequence will repeat indefinitely.

A websearch turned up a couple of webpages where other people appear to have had problems, such as:

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but I have not noticed any that report success.


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