Found a good wifi analyzer

I finally found a good free wifi analyzer for windows that allows for
adjusting refresh rate. Not gonna post it here. This groups is dead. One
guy who posts half ass not helpful answers.
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wifi user
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Butthurt much? Here, have a tissue and a Lifesaver(tm).
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You should probably fuck off, then. You came here asking for help, Jeff gave you some. He's not under any obligation to hold your hand. (Nor are the rest of us).
Take your ball and go home (like the little bitch that you are). I, for one, will absolutely not give you any assistance in the future.
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Johann Beretta
Johann Beretta wrote in news:rsbcvk$s2h$1
Looks like the other hiding in their momma's basements are the ones who are "butthurt", hahahhaha.
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