Extending the range of a WRT54GX with the WRE54G?

Does anyone have experience extending the range of a WRT54GX with the WRE54G? The WRT54GX is not on the WRE54G's list of compatible products but I was assuming that is because the GX is a newer product. I cannot get past the "...unable to locate Wireless-G Range Expander..." message. Any thoughts? Floyd?

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No clue, though I recall that when I last asked customer service about some of their add on antennas, they claimed none were compatible.

I would myself love to know if you heard of some different antennas you could add on.

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A 2.4GHz antenna is a 2.4GHz antenna. They aren't specific to brand, only connection type.


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David Taylor

The GX is a MIMO device that needs three antennas to function. I don't know if it's possible to assist a MIMO device with external antennas, if that eliminates the MIMO funtion in favor of the better range offered by the better antennas, or if it just doesn't work.

Since they are free, you might try three reflectors. I don't know how the reflectors would be oriented to take advantage of MIMO.

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EZ-12, printed on photo paper for thick stock, with aluminum foil glued to the sail, provides a substantial boost in signal for older access points. You could test the MIMO application.
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