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A friend of mine wants to connect up to his daughter and son-inlaw's DSL. They live in a mobile home about 100 to 150 feet away. they have a Actiontec wireless DSL modem and gateway model GT701-WG. He has a fairly new DELL laptop (corporate model) with WIFI built in. He can logon to it if he is inside their mobile home (aluminum) but not from his house. Any sugestions on how he can extend their range?

thanks, Terry

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Terry Kangas
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There are several wireless adapters which can be connected to the USB slots on computers which will probably solve the problem. 150 is not difficult. However, built-in computer wireless is better when used at hotels, airports, starbucks etc., but not for difficult situations. It might be worthwhile to take a look at the Engenius site. Or, a good tech with soem wi-fi experience can probably fix it for you. Luck

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Jack Daniels

Who is where? Is the WAP inside the aluminum house, or is that where the laptop needs to be?

Hawking and others have USB clients built into antennas. That might be handy. He could put the unit in a window, to get out of the aluminum shield.

Even a small USB dongle might work, if placed in a window.

If it's the WAP in the mobile home, it might help to move to to a window. The WAP might benefit from some free reflectors.

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EZ-12, Windsurfer reflector. printed on photo paper for thick stock, with aluminum foil glued to the sail, provides a substantial boost in signal.
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