free 10Base2 to 10BaseT converter

I am on the verge of tossing a DAVID Expressnet coax to twisted pair (10base2 - 10baseT) ethernet converter and thought I'd offer it here just in case someone could use it.

The only cost would be for shipping. If you'd like to buy me a cup of coffee, that'd be great too!

-Matt mkath_at_charter_dot_net

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Matt Carpenter
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If nobody here takes you up on it, you should try ebay!


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Crimson Liar

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Ben Myers

I'd be interested in it else - Just where are you (the original poster) located and how can I contact you? (This is the only post I could see on the newsserver I use)


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Thierry Dussuet

"Crimson Liar" schreef in bericht news:dDj5d.170$

Good idea, somebody might be looking for something like that! You can always throw it away if no one wants it.


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Hello from Gregg C Levine It seems you've got another interested party. Me. Matt, your gizmo seems to be one I've been looking for, for way too long. So, has the thing been given away yet? E-mail me directly using the address in the signature, please, if not, and you need my address.

-------- Gregg C Lev>

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Gregg C Levine

Look around for an older small hub. Many (most?) of the hubs from the days when 10baseT ruled had a 10base2 coax connector to allow it to connect to the older infrastructure or to allow 10base2 to cross connect multiple hubs.

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