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Free University of Berlin server. No binaries, registration required. You must use a valid email addy to post. Use a throwaway Hotmail account. Register, and they will send you a logon password. Config tutorials for numerous newsreaders. (OE works well)

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Thanks to everyone who helped me last week. I'm very new to this.

I got my YDI flat panel a few hours ago but I had to download the software and manual. Took a few minutes to get it running.

I propped the antenna up on the floor next to my laptop and as soon as I checked it, the software said I had a great connection! Must be a neighbors house close by. I did not even move the antenna!

I was able to get on the Internet with no problems. But I did not stay on long as it was not my network.

As a test I tried to send myself an email. But it was rejected. What do I do when I'm on the road and need to send email from a free location?

Same story for getting on this group. Rejected. Any ideas for getting on the newsgroups?

Thanks for all the help.


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Dennis Vogel

This does not have anything to do with wireless internet. Almost all ISP check if outgoing SMTP messages are coming from their own network or customers. For example, if your neighbor were using as an ISP, and you have your outgoing email software SMTP server set to, it won't work. The server will detect that you're not connected via and reject the message as a relay attempt.

There are ways to get around this.

  1. If your ISP allows or requires authentication on send, then you can send from any network connection.
  2. If your ISP provide POP3 before SMTP, then all you have to do is check your mail BEFORE you send SMTP mail, and it will work.
  3. Webmail
  4. VPN tunnel to server.
  5. Subscribe to 3rd part email service (Myrealmail, AOL, Earthlink, etc, which authenticate indepently of the connection IP address).

Same problem. You can't post an NNTP server from an account on a different ISP. In this case, if the ISP provides usenet news service, both the login/passwd *AND* the source IP address have to be correct. Your login/passwd is probably fine, but you're going through the wrong network.

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Jeff Liebermann

gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.

I think you'll find that the number of hotspot operators giving direct access to an SMTP (mail) server is going to be low. any jerknod spammer could come along and dump thousands of spams thru it.

google groups

Ditto on the spam problem.

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