Dynamic VLAN Membership

Here's a question for someone. I have a wireless cafe setup using a Dlink

3200 AP and a LinkSys54GL with WRT RC6 firmware.

The central switch is a 16 port LinkSys SRW2016 managed VLAN switch.

I currently have 2 VLANS setup 1 & 2.

1 is the wired computers in my cafe. 2 is the 2 wireless AP's

Is there a way using Dynamic VLAN membership based on MAC address to have a wireless client a member of VLAN1 and therefore have access to the wired network?? I have ready the manual for the switch and can see no clues, other than GVRP is the protocol.

Any clues??

Can the LinkSys AP tag Ethernet packets with VLAN information, based on associate MAC address??

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Hi, Where are you connecting the Internet drop in your setup? The VLAN behavior is generally available in Wireless APs of the enterprise class where you can setup a separate SSID for the VLAN in question and the wireless clients that associate to this SSID will be a part of that VLAN. I am not sure whether the wrt54gl or the dlink can do this. However, in your case, you can connect one of the APs to VLAN1 and its wireless clients should transparently become a member of that VLAN. Regards, Shiv

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Yes I could do this, using untagged VLANs. However the D=-Link AP is open access for cafe users. The LinkSys is outside for longer range users. My and other admins need to access the wired side whilst mobile. The D0Link can do the multi SSID and with 802.1Q tag the packets accordingly. I was wondering if there Linksys with WRT firmware could do the same. It can have additional Virtual SSID's, but no mention of Tagging them.

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