Dummies who run open major com APs

Really do not understand these dummies who run open major com APs? They TRIED to get into my computer but were unsuccessful. Then they TRIED to block me, equally unsuccessful. Why do they run open unencrypted APs if they then play these childish came trying to block people who connect? If they encrypt them I probably will not go to the effort of breaking in. If you leave your front door open don't think homeless people will not come in to take a snooze. If you're going to be a cheap bastard and keep people out at least be honest about it. BTW, I don't give a sh it if you answer this post or not, this group is worthless unless your part of the kapitalist, facist status quo

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Oh nurse, Jimmy hid his medication under his tongue again.

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Anthony R. Gold

"Anthony R. Gold" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:





He only imagines they are all running HONEYPOTS, which makes you Nurse Ratched's ugly sister.

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